Back in Business..

It’s been quite a while since my last post, which I’m not too happy about … but we all have busy lives and can understand when our wishes go awry from what we actually are able to do. In the time since my last post, I’ve finished my summer class – earning my bachelor’s degree and teacher’s certificate, finished one full-time summer job, found two part-time “real” jobs, and moved my boyfriend out to grad school halfway across the country. It’s been a busy summer. And just like that, it’s over.


In finishing my summer class and receiving my diploma in the mail (still waiting on that one…), I’ve come to realize that this is the first time in about 16 years that I won’t be a student. What a strange concept that is. Fortunately for me, I will still have the ability to go to school, I’ll just be on the teaching side of it: a whole new adventure! I’ll be sure to keep this updated with life as a substitute teacher.

Well, there’s my first part-time job – substitute teacher in my home district. I get to sub for the teachers I had growing up – such an awesome opportunity, so glad that it is mine. The other part-time job I have is tutoring for the ACT/SAT at a local center. One-on-one time with a student who is wanting to change his or her score on the very important college-level tests (or the parent is interested in doing so) and really working to gain confidence in not only testing ability, but also in the individual overall. I’ve only officially tutored three times thus far, but I am already 100% happy with my decision on the job. A 1:1 ratio of student to teacher is something that not many students have access to, and I can’t believe that I can already see a difference in those I’ve seen myself, as well as for those I had been observing before officially becoming a tutor. Helping students is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and getting paid for it is just the cherry on top!


Last but not least, the more personal side of the summer has come and gone. I moved my boyfriend out halfway across the country this past weekend to help him begin to fulfill his dream and continue his education. We’d been long distance for quite some time before this happened, but now we’re even farther apart. It’s tough, but we can get through this. That’s what we keep telling each other. I’ m not sure where to draw the line with my personal life on this blog, but sometimes, you just need to talk it out. And sometimes, strangers can offer the best advice, so please, FEEL FREE.


Well, I’m going to try my hardest to keep up with this blog … (that’s why I made it!) and to just keep on truckin’. Let me know if you have any advice for long distance relationships, subbing tips, and new hobbies I can get myself into.


So long for now.




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